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Membership in Beth Am

Membership is open to anyone who subscribes to the purposes of Beth Am. One need not be Jewish.

Our membership is as diverse as the Jewish world itself. We have singles, couples, and families. We welcome gay and lesbian members, interfaith couples, people with little or no Jewish background becoming more observant, people with observant backgrounds trying to integrate Judaism into the modern world, and every other permutation you can imagine. Our ages range from children, through young adults to many elderly members. The one thing we have in common is that we have found a welcoming home at Beth Am.

We celebrated our fiftieth anniversary in April 2000. A few people have been members for that entire history. Since we began our current Hebrew School in 1993 many families with children have joined. All are welcome; all support each other.

As of July, 2001, we have 84 members. Membership is individual; there are no family memberships. Parents with children in Hebrew School are expected to join within a year after enrolling their child(ren).

Information on dues may be obtained by contacting us by phone, mail, or Email, as shown on the Home Page. No one is denied membership for inability to pay the full dues.

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